Tailored Leadership Development Programs

One of the most critical competitive advantages of progressive companies is the strength of its leaders.  At Pairee Learning, we do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to leadership development. Each organization is different and unique in their own ways. Effective leadership solution requires designing and imparting appropriate experiential learning, aligning with organisational context, DNA, culture, and needs. We take a journey-based approach, aiming to build sustainable positive results that will enable leaders and organizations to achieve greater success.

Signature Programs

Leadership requirements are changing at an unprecedented rate, so leaders must be able to adapt. This is a comprehensive program spanning over 6-8 months, targeted at senior leaders to achieve personal leadership mastery and adapt to a new-age leader mindset. They should be equipped to manage and lead the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world to achieve sustainable success. This program helps leaders with the tools that they can implement to advance organization strategy, build an engaged team, and drive market success.

Research shows that women face specific and different roadblocks from men as they advance in the workplace. The very habits that helped women early in their careers can hinder them as they move up.  Also, conflicting personal and professional priorities, coupled with hard-wired organizational beliefs and biases, keep women from achieving their best. As a result, organizations lose out on the valuable perspectives, diversity, competence, and skill sets that women leaders bring to the table. ShEmpower is an extensive program that addresses this organizational gap. This program will enable women leaders to tap into their potential, unlock their self-limiting beliefs, and curate personal growth strategies to shift behaviors, break personal and organizational barriers while maintaining their distinctive strengths.

Building leaders from within and turn potential into success’. This leadership development program is targeted to help organizations develop the next generation of leaders who are prepared to lead their organizations into the future with confidence. This program will enable high potential leaders to accelerate their career, rise to challenges, build a culture of innovation, manage diversified talent, and drive growth.

Coaching Services

Pairee Learning Coaching services focuses on enhancing leadership and team effectiveness. Leadership coaching is one of the most effective tools to take leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level. Through coaching, we help to create self-awareness, overcome self-limiting behaviors, drive transformational change, and accomplish leadership growth.

Executive Coaching

Personalized leadership development for heightened performance. Our personalized executive coaching help identify strengths, uncover blind spots, and adjust behaviors that can directly impact business results. Through one-to-one coaching, we identify critical leadership growth areas that are important to the leader and the organization, co-create customized plans, define interconnected leadership growth areas, and work towards overcoming obstacles and create a culture of growth, and improvement.

Leadership Team Development Coaching

Studies indicate that the intense pressures leaders operate under in today’s VUCA world can lead to counterproductive behaviors and misalignment that can become a potential threat to team performance. However, when leadership teams are at their best, the positive effect is felt across the organization and visible in business results. At Pairee learning, we understand the importance of leadership team effectiveness. Therefore, we have curated this program wherein leaders will experience learnings at two levels – One-to-One coaching and team coaching, helping them to align themselves, collaborate effectively, drive and execute strategies for sustained outstanding results.

Integrated Coaching

In this integrated coaching approach, participants learn from a packaged bundle of coaching and leadership training. We use a range of approaches from customised programs, scalable solutions and eLearning modules, to enhance leadership development experiences. This approach offers – Self-guided coaching program, One-to-one career coaching, Executive assessment, and coaching. These are available through e-book, audiobooks, videos, and customised, one-on-one sessions depending on your requirements.


Any unprecedented situation shouldn’t come in between the learning needs of an organisation. Hence, all our leadership development services can be delivered virtually, allowing a dynamic, collaborative experience and the flexibility to meet organisational needs of leadership development across the globe. Our virtual programs are carried out in a live online interactive format to facilitate people connect and experiential learnings through live interactions with facilitators and fellow participants in the full group, and with smaller groups in virtual breakout rooms.