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The demand for impactful leadership is at a peak in today’s globalized world. Leaders are the most critical for building, supporting, and sustaining high-performance organizations. At Pairee Learning, we partner with organizations to solve their most pressing leadership challenges by co-creating customized leadership solutions. We help CEOs, executives, and senior leaders achieve sustainable positive results and overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors to achieve greater success.

“People don’t change…but they continuously grow by focusing on their areas of strength. When you’re engaged in learning that relates to something you’re naturally good at, you’re always more open to new ways of thinking and behaving” – Dr. George Watts


Our leadership programs are aimed at building strong leadership capability within organizations by helping leaders evaluate and understand their core strengths and aligning their aspirations to the needs of their respective departments and thereby the company's larger vision and purpose.

The uniqueness of our leadership solution lies in its nature of combining real life entrepreneurial and business experiences with behavioural psychology to help organizations enhance their leadership capabilities.

Based on our several years of experience and expertise in diverse industries, we offer journey based transformational leadership programs that are tailored to help leaders aligned their behaviours with that of their organisations. All our leadership development programs incorporate real-world business challenges and insights that are extremely practical and help build a leader’s mindset.

Our leadership solutions provide organisations targeted training and coaching over an extended time, equipping them with the know-how, clear guidance and practical methodology. This helps them perform their best and get the best out of their teams.


Every organization that wants to be successful needs effective organizational leadership at all levels. It is imperative that leaders across the organisations are aligned and echo the same leadership values to drive sustainable business results. They should be able to implement strategies together and drive transformation collectively, throughout the organization. At Pairee Learning, we offer customised programs to develop leaders at every stage of their leadership journey, from aspiring leaders to top executives.

What participants say about our leadership programs

96% say they are better prepared to lead their current role and future responsibilities
98% say this program was worth the time
99% would endorse our programs to another colleague


Tailored Leadership Development Programs

One of the most critical competitive advantages of progressive companies is the strength of its leaders.  At Pairee Learning, we do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to leadership development. Each organization is different and unique in their own ways. Effective leadership solution requires designing and imparting appropriate experiential learning, aligning with organisational context, DNA, culture, and needs. We take a journey-based approach, aiming to build sustainable positive results that will enable leaders and organizations to achieve greater success.

Signature Programs

Leadership requirements are changing at an unprecedented rate, so leaders must be able to adapt. This is a comprehensive program spanning over 6-8 months, targeted at senior leaders to achieve personal leadership mastery and adapt to a new-age leader mindset. They should be equipped to manage and lead the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world to achieve sustainable success. This program helps leaders with the tools that they can implement to advance organization strategy, build an engaged team, and drive market success.

Research shows that women face specific and different roadblocks from men as they advance in the workplace. The very habits that helped women early in their careers can hinder them as they move up.  Also, conflicting personal and professional priorities, coupled with hard-wired organizational beliefs and biases, keep women from achieving their best. As a result, organizations lose out on the valuable perspectives, diversity, competence, and skill sets that women leaders bring to the table. ShEmpower is an extensive program that addresses this organizational gap. This program will enable women leaders to tap into their potential, unlock their self-limiting beliefs, and curate personal growth strategies to shift behaviors, break personal and organizational barriers while maintaining their distinctive strengths.

Building leaders from within and turn potential into success’. This leadership development program is targeted to help organizations develop the next generation of leaders who are prepared to lead their organizations into the future with confidence. This program will enable high potential leaders to accelerate their career, rise to challenges, build a culture of innovation, manage diversified talent, and drive growth.

Coaching Services

Pairee Learning Coaching services focuses on enhancing leadership and team effectiveness. Leadership coaching is one of the most effective tools to take leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level. Through coaching, we help to create self-awareness, overcome self-limiting behaviors, drive transformational change, and accomplish leadership growth.

Executive Coaching

Personalized leadership development for heightened performance. Our personalized executive coaching help identify strengths, uncover blind spots, and adjust behaviors that can directly impact business results. Through one-to-one coaching, we identify critical leadership growth areas that are important to the leader and the organization, co-create customized plans, define interconnected leadership growth areas, and work towards overcoming obstacles and create a culture of growth, and improvement.

Leadership Team Development Coaching

Studies indicate that the intense pressures leaders operate under in today’s VUCA world can lead to counterproductive behaviors and misalignment that can become a potential threat to team performance. However, when leadership teams are at their best, the positive effect is felt across the organization and visible in business results. At Pairee learning, we understand the importance of leadership team effectiveness. Therefore, we have curated this program wherein leaders will experience learnings at two levels - One-to-One coaching and team coaching, helping them to align themselves, collaborate effectively, drive and execute strategies for sustained outstanding results.

Integrated Coaching

In this integrated coaching approach, participants learn from a packaged bundle of coaching and leadership training. We use a range of approaches from customised programs, scalable solutions and eLearning modules, to enhance leadership development experiences. This approach offers – Self-guided coaching program, One-to-one career coaching, Executive assessment, and coaching. These are available through e-book, audiobooks, videos, and customised, one-on-one sessions depending on your requirements.


Any unprecedented situation shouldn’t come in between the learning needs of an organisation. Hence, all our leadership development services can be delivered virtually, allowing a dynamic, collaborative experience and the flexibility to meet organisational needs of leadership development across the globe. Our virtual programs are carried out in a live online interactive format to facilitate people connect and experiential learnings through live interactions with facilitators and fellow participants in the full group, and with smaller groups in virtual breakout rooms.

Our Team

We are a diversified global team with a strong purpose to contribute to organizations by building their leadership competence. We bring several decades of Real-Life Business and Entrepreneurial experiences, Coaching and Training experiences, Behavioral Psychology and Human Resource Management experiences. We are passionate about finding effective leadership solutions for developing leaders at every stage of their leadership journey.

Pairee Group boasts of a diversified portfolio of companies catering to various industries including digital services, manufacturing and leadership development. Pairee’s focus on adding value to human lives is exemplified in its own charitable trust called Pairee foundation. Pairee Learning division focuses on specialized leadership development programs for its clients. As the chairman of Pairee Group, Chandra actively manages all its different divisions.chnology.

A serial entrepreneur, he has founded four companies since 1996 including Theorem India, a pioneer in digital media operations, which he grew to 1300+ People Company across 4 continents and over a hundred marquee clients before moving on. Chandra is also on the board of several startup companies and enjoys advising and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Chandra holds a master’s degree in industrial management from Northern Illinois University, Chicago and a B E degree from Bangalore University. He is a leading voice in digital marketing and regularly speaks at global conferences.He is also an active member of various industry groups in the technology world.

Chandrakanth B N

Founder & Chairman

Jayita heads the Pairee Learning group. She is responsible for the strategic growth of the division and its overall management.

Jayita is described by those who know her and worked with her as a leader with strong people development skills and consistently commend her results-driven personality combined with her confident, energetic, and relatable style. A good listener and problem solver with cross-cultural understanding, she has quickly risen through the ranks where she has forged a formidable career in HR Leadership over different fast-paced industries across Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America. She has worked with companies like ABB, AstraZenca, Biocon-Bristol Myers Squib, Tyco, and Vedanta

Jayita holds a Master degree in Business Administration and has earned well recognized professional accreditations in the field of leadership and coaching by reputed international organizations such as:

  • Marshall Goldsmith Coaching for 1-on-1 Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, and Global Leadership Assessments
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) for Career Coaching
  • Belbin Accreditation – Team Collaboration
  • Gallup Strengths-based coaching

Jayita Roy

Head – Pairee Learning

Harsha is a highly motivated and capable Client Services professional with over 16 years of experience in managing client relationships and teams. He is responsible for understating client requirements, conducting the learning needs analysis and working with the content team to arrive at a program plan. He is passionate about delivering value to clients and works closely with Client L & D teams to arrive at the right custom learning programs based on their specific needs, while also ensuring it is delivered at the right level. He is an avid gamer and biker who enjoys road trips.

Prior to joining Pairee, Harsha spent more than a decade and half with Theorem. He rose through the ranks, holding a variety of leadership roles across multiple geographies. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Malnad College of Engineering and is now based out of Bangalore, India

Harsha Dinesh

AVP Client Services

Namitha is Pairee's key content developer and facilitator. She has a total of 13 years of work experience of which 8 years have been into Learning & Development. Namitha is a Dale Carnegie certified trainer and an NLP practitioner. Over the years, she has worked with clients from various segments: IT, Retail, Banking, Hospitality, Healthcare and Automobiles, to deliver focused training solutions for their workforce. At Pairee, Namitha conducts successful sessions leveraging highly engaging content based on interactive and impactful training methodologies.


Lead Facilitator & Content Developer

Consulting Partners

Dr. George W. Watts, Chairman of Top Line Talent, is a nationally recognized author, behavioral scientist, and senior executive. His passion is inspiring people to mature their natural personality strengths. George is a frequent speaker and delivers acclaimed leadership and sales training programs throughout the world. He coaches CEOs on how to build formidable sales and leadership teams. Thousands of people have experienced his approach and commitment to teaching his powerful principles of professional development.

George started his career as a sales trainer and moved into senior management positions. George has been a CEO of a mid-cap publicly traded company, and EVP of two large service companies. He received his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the College of William and Mary, and is Foundation Board President for the Society for Psychologists in Management (SPIM). He is also co-author of the Top Line Talent book/coaching program and the new book, Becoming a Strategic Leader. He has also published numerous professional articles on leadership and talent management.

Dr. George W. Watts

Laurie Blazek, President and CEO of Top Line Talent, has over twenty-five years of consultative selling and leadership experience as a Managing & Executive Director for several large multinational banks including JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Bank of America. She has held senior positions in a wide variety of sectors including corporate and investment banking, private banking, and financial advising.

Laurie received an MBA, with a concentration in Finance, from DePaul University and a BS in Business from Illinois State University. She holds a Certified Financial Planner™ designation. Laurie and Dr. George Watts have traveled globally to deliver leadership development and sales training workshops on the principals contained in Top Line Talent. A frequent writer and speaker on a variety of leadership and sales training topics, she has authored numerous professional articles. She is also co-author of the Top Line Talent book/coaching program and the new book, Becoming a Strategic Leader.

Laurie Blazek


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