Top Line Talent is an innovative on-line program that coaches business development and client facing professionals how to deepen relationships and add strategic value to every transaction. The goal is to transform careers, creating a more confident and inspired workforce with higher morale and lower turnover.
The program is delivered through 28 lessons using multiple modalities: audio book, videos, interactive journaling, practice exercises and an e-book. Their new book, Becoming a Strategic Leader , tracks the Top Line Talent course and is the basis for our customized leadership workshops.
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Leadership at Top Line Talent

Dr. George Watts Top Line Talent

Dr. George W. Watts

Chairman of Top Line Talent

Dr. George W. Watts, Chairman of Top Line Talent, is a nationally recognized author, behavioral scientist, and senior executive. His passion is inspiring people to mature their natural personality strengths. George is a frequent speaker and delivers acclaimed leadership and sales training programs throughout the world. He coaches CEOs on how to build formidable sales and leadership teams. Thousands of people have experienced his approach and commitment to teaching his powerful principles of professional development.

George started his career as a sales trainer and moved into senior management positions. George has been a CEO of a mid-cap publicly traded company, and EVP of two large service companies. He received his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the College of William and Mary, and is Foundation Board President for the Society for Psychologists in Management (SPIM). He is also co-author of the Top Line Talent book/coaching program and the new book, Becoming a Strategic Leader. He has also published numerous professional articles on leadership and talent management.

Laurie Blazek Top Line Talent

Laurie Blazek

President and CEO of Top Line Talent

Laurie Blazek, President and CEO of Top Line Talent, has over twenty-five years of consultative selling and leadership experience as a Managing & Executive Director for several large multinational banks including JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Bank of America. She has held senior positions in a wide variety of sectors including corporate and investment banking, private banking, and financial advising.

Laurie received an MBA, with a concentration in Finance, from DePaul University and a BS in Business from Illinois State University. She holds a Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢ designation. Laurie and Dr. George Watts have traveled globally to deliver leadership development and sales training workshops on the principals contained in Top Line Talent. A frequent writer and speaker on a variety of leadership and sales training topics, she has authored numerous professional articles. She is also co-author of the Top Line Talent book/coaching program and the new book, Becoming a Strategic Leader.